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Two postdoctoral fellowships @ DEIS - University of Bologna(Italy)

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  • Two postdoctoral fellowships @ DEIS - University of Bologna(Italy)

    In the framework of the STrategic network for Assistive & Rehabilitation
    Technology in Emilia-Romagna (STARTER)* two postdoctoral fellowships are
    available at the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informatica e Sistemistica
    (DEIS) of the University of Bologna (UB), Italy.

    The Biomedical Engineering Group at DEIS invites applications for two
    Postdoctoral Fellowships related with Advanced Interactive Technologies for
    This Group is particularly strong in the area of rehabilitation technology,
    real-time biofeedback systems for human posture and movement, neuromuscular
    control of posture in health and disease, and functional evaluation by
    movement analysis. The Group includes engineers studying human posture and
    movement in close connection with neurologists, neuroscientists and physical

    Further information about the University of Bologna and the Department may
    be obtained from and
    Selected information on the STARTER project are enclosed and more will be
    soon available on-line.

    This is an excellent opportunity for highly motivated individuals with solid
    background who wants to participate in the multidisciplinary research
    activities of the STARTER Network, involving several Labs of excellence in
    the Emilia-Romagna Region, and aimed at technology transfer in a field of
    high societal relevance as rehabilitation engineering.

    Position 1
    The successful applicant should have a PhD or equivalent in biomedical
    engineering, biomechanics, computer science, or a related field.
    Objective: design and development of Virtual/Augmented Reality solutions for
    Keywords: software design, real-time, virtual interaction.

    Position 2
    The successful applicant should have a PhD or equivalent in biomedical
    engineering, electronics, or a related field.
    Objective: development of (wireless) networks of microsensors and
    microactuators for monitoring and control of motor activity in a domestic
    Keywords: design-for-all, embedded systems, domotics, remote control.

    Duration: 1 or 2 years
    Base Salary: 18,000 Euros/year
    Free accomodation available upon request at a car distance from the

    For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Lorenzo
    Chiari (
    Applicants are encouraged to submit a curriculum vitae, brief descriptions
    of research interests, and
    the names of two references (including addresses, phone/fax, and email
    addresses) prior to July 15, 2005 to:

    Lorenzo Chiari, PhD
    DEIS - University of Bologna
    Viale Risorgimento, 2
    Bologna - ITALY
    tel: (+39) 051 209 3014 fax: (+39) 051 209 3073

    UB is an equal opportunity employer.

    The idea to create a laboratory engaged with Assistive & Rehabilitation
    Technology has emerged, in the context of the Regional-Laboratories-Network
    projects suggested by the technical-scientific committee of ASTER, in order
    to provide new knowledge to this strategic area of development. This
    project, which is coordinated by DEIS (Department of Electronics, Computer
    Science and Systems of the University of Bologna), combines, blends, and
    boosts the research competencies and structures, which already exist in
    Emilia-Romagna regarding this topic, to promote innovation and technological
    transfer.This technological transfer is directed to companies and structures
    for medical assistance already existing in Emilia-Romagna. Also, different
    contexts for the development of new commercial activities will be identified
    by this project.

    *Specific Aim on Advanced Interactive Technologies for Neurorehabilitation*
    Innovative techniques aimed at improving the motor rehabilitation of
    subjects with pathologies of the central or peripheral nervous system will
    be developed. Biofeedback and Virtual Reality techniques will be used or to
    improve the postural control of balance or for the rehabilitation treatment
    of subjects with pathologies of the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal
    systems. Functional Electrical Stimulation techniques will be also studied
    in subjects affected by stroke or spinal cord injuries.

    Lorenzo Chiari, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering Group
    DEIS - University of Bologna
    Viale Risorgimento, 2
    Bologna - ITALY

    ph: (+39) 051 209 3014
    fax: (+39) 051 209 3073

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    che una certa vittoria»
    (Francesco Petrarca)