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    Dear All

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to download from ISB software pages. the following
    GaitLab software package for MSDOS (ZIP file, 580 kB) (based on the book "Dynamics of Human Gait", C.L. Vaughan et al). The other three files: man, woman and clinical are downloadable with no problem. Thus, I was wondering if someone has done it before and is willing to email me the mentioned software package.
    There are supposedly some printing mistakes in the mentioned book (second edition). In case someone has those neatly summarized, or any other criticism concerning the book (Helen Hayes protocol etc) would be very much appreciated.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you for other similar software sources, free for comparison and evaluation purposes, that calculates kinematic&kinetic data from markers set. Any accompanying document which clearly explains, or at least points to references, how various quantities are calculated (particularly BSP parameters) are welcome too, in order to make comparison easier.

    Thank you, the summary will follow.

    Tomislav Pribanic, M.Sc., EE
    Department for Electronic Systems and Information Processing
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
    3 Unska, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
    tel. ..385 1 612 98 67, fax. ..385 1 612 96 52
    E-mail :