Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Mike Whittle wrote:

>I felt that Dr. Ariel's recent posting was a little too "commercial" for this
>forum. Does anyone else agree?

Yes, I agree that this posting was too commercial. Even though
the information may have been useful, it was not presented in a
correct way. In the past, I have contacted the originators of
such postings personally and will also do so in the case of Dr.
Ariel. This usually solves the problem. I trust that this
remains an incident and that we don't have to resort to

I thank Mike Whittle for giving me the opportunity to restate
Biomch-L policy:
(1) advertising is not allowed
(2) moderation of the list is by private communication with
contributors, not by pre-screening of postings.

If anyone else has strong opinions on this topic, please mail me
in private or post to Biomch-L (if appropriate).

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator

P.S. The following is from the file BIOMCH-L GUIDE (available from

4. How and what can I post?

You can post a message to all subscribers by sending your message to
commands to this address. You do not have to be a subscriber to post
something. The following material is suitable for posting to Biomch-L:

- Conference announcements
- Job announcements
- Public discussions on topics of general interest
- Calls for help
- Information of general interest
- 'cross-postings'
- Replies to any of the above


One restriction is, that postings of a commercial nature are not
considered proper use of Bitnet and the academic part of Internet. It
is difficult to define exactly what a commercial posting is.
Advertising a product is definitely not appropriate, but if a certain
product can solve a problem that is being discussed on Biomch-L, it
makes perfect sense to mention that.