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4th International Congress on Vertebrate Morphology

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  • 4th International Congress on Vertebrate Morphology

    4th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology

    July 31 - August 4, 1994 Chicago

    Registration Information and Call for Abstracts

    Deadline for abstracts: December 1, 1993

    Who may be submit an abstract: Each member of ICVM is entitled to submit
    one abstract for presentation.

    Fees: $150 before Dec. 1, $200 after Dec. 1

    >From the tentative program:

    Plenary speakers: Sharon Emerson (USA), Jean-Pierre Gasc (France),
    Louis Gillette Jr. (USA), Brian Hall (Canada), Peter Holland (UK).


    1. Paleontological and neontological approaches to the
    amphibian-anniote transition.
    2. Vertebrate segmentation: mechanisms and evolution.
    3. Teeth: homeoboxes to function.
    4. Evolution of neural systems.
    5. Design of musculoskeletal systems.
    Organizers: Wim Weijs (Netherlands), Andrew Biewener (USA)
    Speakers: R. McNeill Alexander (UK), Johan van Leeuwen (Netherlands),
    Gerald Loeb (Canada), Sharon Swartz (USA), John Trotter (USA),
    Mark Westneat (USA).
    6. Integumentary specializations in aquatic vertebrates
    7. Quantitative-genetic basis for vertebrate morphology.
    8. Vertebrate morphology today: the many guises of the Phoenix.
    Organizers: Linda Trueb (USA), Frits DeVree (Belgium)
    Speakers: David Carrier (USA), P. Dullemeijer, H. de Jongh, G. Zweers
    (Netherlands), Abbott Gaunt (USA), Bert Otten (Netherlands),
    Steve Reilly (USA), Olivier Rieppel (USA)


    1. Teaching comparative anatomy
    2. Lancelets: a new look at old beasts
    3. Three-dimensional morphometry

    Information about ICVM organization, membership, and registration
    forms can be obtained from:

    Dr. Susan W. Herring
    Dept. of Orthodontics
    University of Washington
    Seattle, WA 98195
    Phone: (206) 543-3203
    Fax: (206) 685-8163