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ISB/ASB Congress - satellite meetings

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  • ISB/ASB Congress - satellite meetings

    Dear subscribers,

    If you are planning to attend the ISB/ASB congress (, please also consider the pre-congress satellite meetings.

    Both meetings will be held at Case Western Reserve University. Registration and on-campus accomodation is still available.

    Further information can be found at the meeting websites:

    ISB Technical Group on Computer Simulation:

    ISB Technical Group on Functional Footwear:

    Many registrants have asked us if it is possible to stay in the same accomodation for the entire duration of satellite meeting and main congress. We advise against this, unless you stay in a hotel and have transportation for the daily commute through Cleveland's midtown industrial area. It is best to stay at CWRU for the satellite meetings and then move to a downtown accomodation (hotel or CSU campus) for the main ISB/ASB congress.

    Participants of the Computer Simulation meeting who also have registered for the ISB tutorials, will need to be on the CSU campus on Sunday morning 9:30 AM. We may organize transportation, or you may consider sharing taxis. In any case, walking is not recommended. If you are in this group, please send me an e-mail to help us plan ahead.

    Those who are not attending tutorials should consider spending some of the Sunday (or Saturday for the footwear participants) around University Circle, with several museums within walking distance ( But don't miss the congress opening ceremony at 3 PM!


    Ton van den Bogert, ISB/ASB Congress co-chair


    A.J. (Ton) van den Bogert, PhD
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    Phone: (216) 444-5566