Dear Biomch-L readers,

For those of you who don't have the UUDECODE program, here is a
readable version of Dr. Ariel's response to the advertising

I thank Dr. Ariel for this clarification and consider this matter
closed now.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L moderator

To: Biomch-L Subscribers
From: Gideon Ariel

I was astonished at the reaction which my answer to Dr.
Ronald Heus' request for portable data-acquisition systems caused. I
did not see the original request for information but I did read the
subsequent result:
Dear Subscribers: A few months ago I requested for
portable data- acquisition systems. I made a selection from the many
reactions I got and send the reactions to the biomechanics list now.
Thanks for all the reactions and kind regards.
Ronald Heus
There followed a rather lengthy list of products, systems, and various
comments which included hardware, software, and prices many of
which were identified by company and product names. For example,
Jaroslav Liptak from Wien, Austria identifies two companies namely,
National Instruments and Data Translation, and discusses the
hardware, software, and some related prices. I do not know Mr. Liptak
nor the companies he specifies so I hope my example will be
understood as just that and not as some axe for grinding.
I am truly sorry that my comments elicited these responses;
however, my answer never mentioned any company nor identified a
particular product. I have been involved in biomechanics since the
late sixties and introduced the first Movement Analysis system
utilizing electronic digitizer and 3D analysis to the field, on-line time
sharing biomechanics system utilizing a main frame computer, and, in
1972, published an article in "Mechanics and Sports", which described
practically the same system then and the derivatives currently found
on the PCs of today. I am not trying to blow my own horn but I feel
the "negative reactions" are unfair when considered in relation to
some of the other responses and I cannot help but wonder at some of
the motivations which inspired them. I performed a consulting
service for Kimberly Clark to invent the first elastic diapers, but this is
not a commercial for Kimberly Clark. I worked with Pony shoe
company and developed a variable sole design and the first "air shoe"
and this is not a commercial for Pony shoes. My descriptive answer
was about a system which I designed for NASA for use on the KC-
135 parabolic flights which must allow motion studies in a relatively
small space. The equipment cost NASA the amount I mentioned as
off-the-shelf items. I specifically did not mention NASA because I did
not want my answer to be construed as name-dropping or any other
ulterior purpose.
I feel unfairly attacked because my response was not in the
same form as that presented by Ronald Heus. My sincerely apologies
to anyone who was truly offended by my answer. I look forward to
future intellectually stimulating dialogues.
Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.