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  • Webcast follow up

    Dear subscribers,

    John Rasmussen (Anybody Group, Aalborg University, Denmark) gave a brief report on their recent webcast event which was announced on Biomch-L. See below for the full text. Other comments from webcast participants are welcome.

    This information may be of interest to others who are interested in experimenting with this medium. Compared to how Biomch-L works, or to a web-based discussion forum, webcasts are truly real-time and this is an interesting new dimension. Biomch-L would happily distribute announcements of other such events, as long as the moderators see these announcements as being in the interest of the Biomch-L subscribers.


    Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: John Rasmussen []
    > Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 4:07 AM
    > To: van den Bogert, Ton
    > Subject: RE: [BIOMCH-L] Announcement of gait model webcast
    > Ton,
    > It does not look like any of the participants want to offer
    > feedback on the
    > webcast. As one of the organizers of this event, perhaps I
    > can say a few
    > words about our experiences with technology.
    > Webcasts is a new way of organizing presentations and
    > meetings over the
    > Internet. Basically, the presenter's desktop or Powerpoint
    > presentation will
    > be visible on the attendants' web browsers. So it is a way of meeting
    > without actually traveling.
    > Although webcasts take place on the internet, they are a service you
    > purchase from a provider much like a telephone meeting. What
    > you pay for is
    > a fast server for the traffic to pass through, some software
    > components that
    > help with the management of the meetings, and a lot of
    > logistics concerning
    > invitations, registration, and security. The host pays the
    > bill based on the
    > number of participant-minutes you spend. The cost, born by
    > the host, is
    > comparable to a long-distance telephone call for each
    > participant, so with
    > many participants it can be a rather costly experience for
    > the host. This is
    > why the AnyBody Research Group must rely on its commercial
    > counterpart,
    > AnyBody Technology, to sponsor the event.
    > We currently use the Webex service, which is the only one we
    > have found that
    > allows us to transmit sound along with the webcast.
    > The main difficulty with this technology is to get everybody
    > hooked up for
    > the beginning of the meeting. In particular many users
    > experience problems
    > with sound either because of compatibility issues or simply
    > because they
    > forget to switch on their microphone or speaker. Otherwise it
    > works very
    > well.
    > We were very happy with the outcome of the recent gait
    > webcast. We had a
    > much larger attendance than we had expected, and we had a very lively
    > discussion after the presentation.
    > I believe this type of meeting will gain popularity rapidly,
    > and hopefully
    > the price will come down a bit. It will not, however, replace
    > traditional
    > meetings and conferences such as the upcoming ISB conference.
    > The personal
    > interaction you can get at a real conference is hard to replace.
    > Thanks again for letting us post the invitation on the Biomch-l.
    > Best regards,
    > John
    > __________________________________
    > John Rasmussen,
    > Associate Prof., PhD, The AnyBody Group, Institute of Mech. Eng.
    > Aalborg University
    > Mobile: +45 2089 8350
    > Phone: +45 9635 9307