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Re: International cooperation on data and code exchange.

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  • Re: International cooperation on data and code exchange.

    Dear List Subscribers,

    As one of the panelists I was quite content with the session in the sense
    that we confirmed the necessity and will to cooperate within this field.
    Without this session it would not have happened, and I would like to thank
    Serge and Allison for taking this initiative. I also sincerely thank the
    organizers of the ISB conference for an absolutely magnificent event. I have
    returned with a head full of impressions and new ideas.

    I would like to volunteer to be in a working group that can make a draft for
    a whitepaper on the matter. Since the matter is probably too special for a
    large and general forum like biomch-l, I propose we create a separate email
    discussion group on Yahoo in which we can cooperate on the development of
    the document.

    Best regards,

    John Rasmussen,
    Associate Prof., PhD, The AnyBody Group, Institute of Mech. Eng.
    Aalborg University,
    Mobile: +45 2089 8350
    Phone: +45 9635 9307

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    Sent: 3. august 2005 19:46
    Subject: [BIOMCH-L] International cooperation on data and code exchange.

    Dear all,

    Last monday, during a special session organised at the ISB congress in
    Cleveland, we had a interesting discussion related to the possibility of
    intercontinental collaborations that would define and promote long terms
    goals needed to enhance and optimize collaboration in our field (mainly
    related to the Physiome project).

    Main actors from clinics, fundamental research and the industry presented
    their view on current problems and future challenge.

    Some of you told us afterwards that they were slighly dissapointed by the
    discussion ... we were not because we did not of course expect all problems
    in a one-hour unstructured discussion!

    But a very positive thing happened: two very large consortium (one from
    Europe, one from the USA) agreed to work together on a White Paper that will
    define the next steps necessary for such collaboration. An australian
    project also showed up. This is probably the first time such thing occured.

    Now, it is up to ourselve to make this real, and the writing of this White
    Paper will occur next fall to be then submitted to our research community.

    So, please be patient, and stay tuned !

    Bye for now,

    Serge VAN SINT JAN (1) and Allison S. ARNOLD (2)

    (chairs of the special session)

    (1)Department of Anatomy (CP 619)
    Faculty of Medicine
    Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
    European Union (Belgium)

    (2)Biomechanical Engineering Division.
    Mechanical Engineering Department.
    Stanford University.
    United States of America