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Scan data of human femur

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  • Scan data of human femur

    Dear subscribers,

    I’m a master student at University of Sherbrooke(Canada) interested in studying
    the morphology of the human proximal femur using high-resolution images (voxel
    size less than 100µm). I need to be able to calculate some morphometric
    parameters like Tb.Th, Tb.Sp, BV/TV, anisotropy, connectivity, ... from theses
    images. I also want to do some 3D reconstructions with theses images in order
    to generate some finite element models. Theses models will be very helpful in
    order to try to relate some morphometric values to the mechanical properties of
    the trabecular bone.

    I have no data yet, though I wonder if anybody would be interested to share this
    kind of data with me or to point me to any places where to get it?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your precious help!

    Best regards,

    David Dupuis

    David Dupuis
    Master student in bioengineering
    Biomechanics laboratory - (819)821-7000 ext. 2219
    University of Sherbrooke – Canada - Quebec