Dear Biomch-L Subscribers,

We've received a large number of inquiries regarding the status and
whereabouts of BMEN colleagues at Tulane University, so we're posting
what we know at this point.

Reported safe -
Ron Anderson
Darryl Overby
Michael Roberts

No contact information as yet, but interested persons can check the
following site as it is functioning as a Tulane check-in site:
Tulane mail servers were shut down pre-emptively before the
hurricane, and are still down.

If you have information on other Tulane BMEN persons or are in
contact with them, you might pass information along to this site.
There are many persons eager to provide assistance to these faculty,
post-docs, and students through this crisis.


Glen Livesay and Kay C Dee
Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology