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X-ray methods for Bone mineral density

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  • X-ray methods for Bone mineral density

    Dear Subscribers,
    I am a graduate student trying to figure out bone mineral density of a cortical part of bone using X-ray absorption method. X-ray absorption assuming gives more accurate level of result, I tried with it, but since my specimen contained high porosity I got puzzled about how to proceed. Also, since there are many ways of expressing bone mineral density (still confused with apparent density), will highly appreciate if somebody wishes to share with me.
    I found an old work on the use of X-ray absorption as below, but couldn't access to it; if somebody possesses it?

    Vose G. P., Kubala A. L. (1959). Bone Strength - its relationship to X-ray determined ash content. Human Biol. 31. 261-270.

    Will be glad to receive any additional references related to this matter.

    With anticipation,

    Bijay Giri

    Graduate Student, Laboratory of Bio-Mechanical Design
    Division of Mechanical Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
    Hokkaido, JAPAN