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Call for Papers - 2006 Annual Meeting of IBE

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  • Call for Papers - 2006 Annual Meeting of IBE

    - Call for Papers -

    2006 Annual Meeting of the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE)
    11th Annual Meeting
    March 10-12, 2006

    Tucson Hilton East, Tucson, Arizona
    Hosted by the University of Arizona

    About IBE: IBE was established in 1995 to promote broad inquiry in the
    fundamental of engineering sciences based on biology and to examine these
    at all scale levels - from nano to organism to landscape scales. It encourages
    inquiry, application and interest in biological engineering promotes the profes-
    sional development of its members. The Institute of Biological Engineering is
    striving to form a nexus of engineers and scientists, professional societies,
    and industries to inspire remarkable designs that capture features of living
    systems. The Institute of Biological Engineering is bringing Engineering to
    Life through Biology-Inspired* Engineering.

    Who Should Attend: Engineers and scientists interested in creating new know-
    ledge that provides greater understanding of engineering principles founded
    from the understanding of biology and that promote advances in design to
    capture remarkable features of living systems. Students and scientists and
    engineers in academia, industry and agencies will find research and develop-
    ment in areas other than their specific discipline are catalyst for envisioning
    new approaches.

    Special Features: Special event opportunities include Hiking in Sabino Canyon,
    technical workshops on optical and spectroscopic techniques, tours of local bio-
    engineering facilities. Check the IBE web site for details and additional
    activities. Special program features include a keynote address on the emerging
    field of Synthetic Biology, a Bio-Business Nexus for industry to highlight new
    products, and a student Bioethics Competition. (See for details
    of bioethics competition.)

    Student Poster Competition: Students in engineering and science programs are
    especially encouraged to compete for cash awards given to the top three entries.

    Papers and Poster Submission: Submit one-page abstract of papers and posters
    by December 1, 2005, at Full-length papers are optional and
    will be accepted for the Meeting Proceedings through December 15, 2005.

    Session Topics. Papers and poster presentations are sought in the following
    topics areas:

    ++ Biology-Inspired* Bioprocessing, Biocatalysis, Biofuels
    contact: Sandun Fernando,, Miss. State Univ.
    ++ Biological Computing and Biological Modeling.
    contact: Jin-Woo Kim,, University of Arkansas.
    ++ Biology-Inspired* Imaging
    contact: Mark Haidekker,, U Missouri-Columbia++ Biology-Inspired* Engineering Education
    contact: Leann Lesperance,, Binghamton Univ.
    and David W. Gatchell, Northwestern Univ.
    ++ Biology-Inspired* Materials
    contact: Agnes Ostafin,, Notre Dame Univ.
    ++ Biology-Inspired* Nanotechnology
    contact: Tim Fisher,, Purdue University
    ++ Biology-Inspired* Tissue and Cellular Engineering
    contact: Todd Monroe,, LSU
    ++ Biology-Inspired* Sensors and Controls
    contact: Sheila Grant,, U Missouri-Columbia
    ++ Sustainable Design for the Human Landscape
    contact: Tom Cathcart,, Miss. State Univ.
    and David Gattie, Univ of Georgia
    ++ Design Methods in Biological & Ecological Engineering
    contact: James Dooley,, Silverbrook Ltd
    ++ Design Methods in Biol. & Eco. Engineering - Poster Session
    contact: James Dooley,, Silverbrook Ltd
    ++ Processing of Natural Biological Products
    contact: Cristina Sabliov,, LSU
    ++ Commercialization Stories of Biological Research: Bench to Product
    contact: Joel Cuello, jcuello@Ag.Arizona.Edu, U Arizona
    ++ Biological Engr Poster Session & Student Competition
    contact: Czar Crofcheck,, U Kentucky
    ++ Bioethics
    contacts: Subrata Saha SUNY Downstate Med Cntr
    and Praveen Kolar,, U Georgia
    ++ Bio-Business Nexus
    contacts: Roy Young, Penn State Univ.
    and Jerry Gilbert, Miss. State Univ.

    General Program Information: Dr. Terry Walker, Email:
    Local arrangements at the Univ of Arizona: Dr. Mark Riley, Email:

    Submit abstracts and register at the IBE website:
    Meeting Registration begins Oct. 3rd.

    The Institute of Biological Engineering
    3650 Annapolis Lane North, Suite 107
    Minneapolis, MN 55447-5434
    Phone: (763) 765-2300 - FAX: (763) 765-2329