Dear Biomch-L users,

I am looking for ways to secure reflective markers to the
skin for longer periods of time during intensive exercise. Our lab has
had success during shorter bouts (5-10 minutes) of running using alcohol
to dry the skin, then applying Benzoin and taping reinforcement, but
profuse sweating and repetitive impact tends to win after enough time.
Further, taping is less effective on the torso where we prefer to avoid
fully wrapping the subjects. We would like to do testing for longer
periods without worrying about markers falling off. Any insights would
be greatly appreciated and I will be happy to post responses.




Brian S. Baum, M.S.

Orthopaedic Research Associate

Motion & Sports Performance Center

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Baylor University Medical Center

411 N. Washington Ave., Suite 2100

Voice: 214-820-6300

Fax: 214-820-4095


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