Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

The School of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Sydney intends
to conduct postgraduate biomechanics research programmes on cricket and
golf, which would lead to either MSc/PhDs. Two positions could be made
available. Highly specialised research supervision would be provided in both
areas, and the candidate would be required to explore advanced aspects of
technique in terms of performance optimisation and/or injury susceptibility.
Research protocols have been developed to examine batting, bowling, and full
swing golf techniques. Please note that certain research ideas,
methodologies and findings are subject to intellectual property
restrictions. Testing will involve collaboration with recognised sporting
organisations, and involve the recruiting of elite subjects.

A BS or MS degree in Biomechanical/Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering or a
closely related field (including Physics) is compulsory. Positions for these
postgraduate positions are intensely competitive. The School of Exercise and
Sport Science at the University of Sydney intends to become an international
service provider for cricket and golf biomechanics. This is a unique
opportunity for biomechanics researchers who are highly dedicated, and wish
to conduct specialised research in these sports. Note that postgraduate
positions are open to both international and local students.

To register your interest, please contact me directly by email and send your
CV as an attachment.

I look forward to your correspondence.


Dr. Rene Ferdinands

School of Exercise and Sport Science
The University of Sydney
East Street
PO Box 170 Lidcombe
NSW 1825 Australia

Ph (Wk): +61-2-9351 9776

Fax: +61-2-9351 9204