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First Announcement


Mechanics and Control of Human and Robot Locomotion

Workshop Meeting with Tutorials

May 6-8, 2006

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

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This is a workshop dedicated to the study of human or robot locomotion.
Dynamic Walking is an approach that emphasizes the mechanics of the
legs, attempting to harness or understand them for the purpose of making
control simpler or more economical. The approach stems from the
principles of passive dynamic walking developed by Tad McGeer, extending
those principles for actively powered walking. The workshop differs from
mainstream conferences in three ways:

* Highly informal and fluid format, to promote open sharing of information
* Interdisciplinary forum for shared interests of biomechanists,
roboticists, neurophysiologists, and computer scientists
* Educational mission intended to disseminate knowledge and methodology
of Dynamic Walking

Dynamic Walking 2006 will include:

* Tutorials covering topics such as dynamical equations of motion, limit
cycle and stability analysis, and feedback control and estimation
* Keynote and invited presentations delivered by leading researchers
* Submitted podium and poster presentations of new research and methodology
* Moderated forums for discussing emerging issues and challenges

Dynamic Walking 2006 is a continuation of a series of informal meetings
that began in 2004. Previous meetings have been held at Cornell
University, University of Michigan, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Keynote Speakers

Chris Atkeson, Carnegie Mellon University
Steve Collins, University of Michigan
Max Donelan, Simon Fraser University
Andy Ruina, Cornell University
Martijn Wisse, Delft University

Meeting Chair

Art Kuo, University of Michigan

Call for Papers

To be announced in early 2006

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