In order to measure the pressure distribution under e.g. the feet
we have a measuring device, which looks like a modified pedobarograph.
For this apparatus we need a thin sheet of white rubber, corrugated
at one side. We tried to make it ourselves, but it seems not too easy.
However, in an article in Human Factors (1987,29(5),563-575) Delia Treaster
mentioned a company, where a suited material is manufactured
or where it is sold. However, until now I found no way
to come into contact with this company.

The material is called: "Baromat"
The company: "Biomechanics, Le Mesa, CA"

That's all I know!!
Can anyone help us to come into contact with this company, or dou you
know another way to get this material???????

Thank you,

Niels Moes
Delft University of Technology
Dept. of Industrial Design Engineering
the Netherlands