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tendon TEM protocol

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  • tendon TEM protocol

    REGARDING tendon TEM protocol
    To: Biomch-L community

    I am interested to hear from anyone who has used transmission electron
    microscopy to look at cross-sections of tendon. I am working on a project that
    is attempting to make measures of fibril diameters and distributions. I
    believe that I need help with protocols for fixation and embedding. I have
    tried several variations of the usual methods and have gotten less than
    satisfactory results. I am aware of some work by Parry and by Oakes in this
    area but would be interested to "speak" (e-mail) with someone about the issues
    and protocols to get some expert advice on my problem. Any help would be
    greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Lou Soslowsky, PhD
    University of Michigan