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Software for 3D reconstruction from MRI scans

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  • Software for 3D reconstruction from MRI scans

    Greetings Biomech-L subscribers,

    I am a graduate student in Lerner Research Institute. I am currently working on developing a knee joint model for my project. The articular cartilage surface points and ligament insertion points are digitized from MRI scans.
    The ligament insertion points are the most difficult ones to get from these scans. I am looking for software that would take MRI scans from all the three planes (sagittal, axial and coronal) and make a 3D volume. Software should be able to rescan this volume at any oblique plane. This way I can exactly locate the ligament insertion points and can accurately digitize them (get the x, y and z coordinates).
    I am wondering if anybody knows or using this kind of software package. I know a few of them (like 3D Doctor), but they take stack of MRI scans in single plane to make the volume.
    I will post the summary of responses in due time. Thank you very much in advance for any help with this request.


    Bhushan S. Borotikar
    Dept of Biomedical Engineering
    LRI, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

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