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neck rotation exposure

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  • neck rotation exposure

    Dear all,

    While there has been a huge amount of published research dealing with all
    aspects of cervical activity, I've found very little that can be used for
    specific (and quantitative) evaluation of injury risk associated with
    cervical axial rotation.

    In particular, have found only one paper that makes reference both to
    rotation ROMs and uses times of exposure to these ROMs as injury criteria
    (based on Swedish workers comp. data). Unfortunately for me, the paper is
    Swedish; and I have no idea how to get a copy of it (library was not able to
    help). The paper is:

    Andersson, G. et al (1983) [English title: Model for evaluation of injuries
    in the neck and shoulders according to the Swedish National work injury
    insurance]. Lakartidningen, 80, 3186-3190.

    I found the above reference cited in Eklund et al (1994) Head posture
    measurements....etc. Ergonomics, 37(4), 623-639.

    If anyone could please send a PDF or Word version of the paper it would be
    very much appreciated!!

    Secondly, are there any other published sources of such information. Quite a
    few papers have provided range classifications (e.g., neutral, non-neutral)
    but few provide any quantitative evidence-based rationale for these
    classifications, nor do they give any indication of exposure thresholds -
    i.e., how long must one be exposed to a "non-neutral" range (e.g. >15 deg)
    to be at significant injury risk (even without considering

    Just a reminder...all the above relates to cervical axial rotation (not
    flex/ext'n). However, any similar info on trunk rotation or lateral flex'n
    (esp. if seated) also appreciated.




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