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3 video files - SUMMARY OF REPLIES

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  • 3 video files - SUMMARY OF REPLIES

    Colleagues and Friends in the Biomechanics Community:

    As some of you may know, I have been involved with what is now known as
    "Motion Capture" since the late 60's--that is, all of my professional life.
    4DVideo was formed in October 1988 and since that time we have provided
    professional services to a wide variety of government and industrial
    clients. Approximately three years ago we decided to "package" some of the
    experience we have gained in a commercial software package--4DCapture(TM).

    The recent posting by Max Hely has prompted us to make available a free,
    pre-release version of a supporting application on one of our websites ...

    4DPlayer(TM) can be used to examine video streams acquired by 4DCapture and
    it can be used to examine multiple UNCOMPRESSED AVI streams simultaneously.
    It also includes some simple measurement tools that can be used in each of
    the video windows. I believe this free tool may prove useful to the
    biomechanics community.

    Please be aware that the documentation for the application is being
    prepared, but the application is reasonably self-explanatory--just open a
    few video streams and try it out. In the meantime, we would appreciate your
    suggestions and feedback. This is not the place for commercial activity, so
    if you would like more information on our software, please contact us

    Regards to all,

    Jim Walton

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    * JAMES (Jim) S. WALTON, Ph.D., President, 4DVIDEO *
    * Fellow, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers *
    * US National Delegate to the International Congress on *
    * High-Speed Photography and Photonics *
    * 825 Gravenstein Highway North, Suite 4 *
    * SEBASTOPOL, California 95472 USA *
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    * PHONE: (707) 829-8883 FAX: (707) 829-3527 *
    * INTERNET: *
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