POSITION: Research/Rehabilitation Engineer
LOCATION: Department of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation, The University of Virginia,
Charlottesville VA
PIs: D.Casey Kerrigan, MD; Patrick Riley PhD

The Gait Laboratory at the Department of Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of
Virginia is seeking applicants for the position of
rehabilitation engineer. The main research focus of
the lab is in lower limb motion analysis, gait
analysis, footwear biomechanics, sports biomechanics,
rehabilitation tools development and involves close
collaborations with the mechanical engineering and
electric engineering departments. The lab also hosts a
performance enhancement clinic for cyclists and

The lab is equipped with a 10 cameras Vicon 624
system, a customized instrumented treadmill capable of
measuring 3D ground reaction forces during walking and
running, two force platforms embedded in a 18m
walkway, and with a state of the art rehabilitation
tool still in its development phase. Further info
about the lab can be found at:

The successful candidate will have a masters degree in
Biomedical Science, Engineering or Computer Science
and possess a strong background in mechanical,
electrical or biomedical engineering with experience
in experimental studies. Familiarity with the main
programming tools, such as Matlab, Labview and C is
required. Familiarity with Vicon software packages
(like Workstation and BodyBuilder) is strongly
desired. The successful candidate will have the
ability to interact faculty members of the engineering
school and medical school, and will be able to work
with research subjects of all ages.

The position will involve daily management of the
software and hardware equipment of the lab, data
acquisition and processing, and writing of custom
software modules for data processing. The position
will also provide technical support to students and
residents performing research in the laboratory, and
will assist in the preparation of publications, grant
proposals and reports.

The City of Charlottesville offers beautiful mountain
countryside and a wide variety of cultural activities.
Forbes Magazine and the Milken Institute have ranked
Charlottesville as the 12th best place for small
business and a career.

Applicants should apply sending a cover letter, CV,
and contact information for at least two references to
Carrie Willetts (ch6p@virginia.edu). Direct inquiries
to Gabriele Paolini (gp6h@virginia.edu) or Jay
Dicharry (jd4da@Virginia.EDU).

The University of Virginia is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Gabriele Paolini
Research Assistant
GaitLab - Department of Physical Medicine and
The University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903
P 434-243-9137

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