for my lecture "Biomechanics of the locomotion apparatus" being held at the
FH Jülich, Germany, I want to fill the kinematic and kinetic presentations
and explanations with realistic force values. For the lumbar part,
measurements and modelling together with quantitative values can be found
in the literature. For the thoracal and cervical part, I wasn't successful
in finding force values. I am interested in all kinds of loading
Does anyone know publications where one can find values of forces acting on
the cervical and thoracal spine under normal and/or severe loading
conditions, both static and dynamic?
A summary of the answers will be posted!

Currently, I am working for the Ceramtec AG, Plochingen, Germany.
Additionally, I give lectures at the RWTH Aachen and the FH Jülich in the
field of biomechanics and artificial joints.

Thanks in advance

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