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Second World Congress of Biomechanics

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  • Second World Congress of Biomechanics

    Dear BIOMCH-L readers,

    Good news for all those individuals who have planning problems and are
    failing to meet the deadline for submission of abstracts for the
    Second World Congress of Biomechanics.

    The deadline is extended to November 15, 1993!

    However, for the sake of smooth abstract processing, we do hope that
    those who have finished their abstracts send it to the Congress Office

    Abstract forms or the abstract format can be requested by sending an
    EMAIL message to the Congress Office.
    (see mail address at bottom of this posting).

    Yours Sincerely
    Leendert Blankevoort
    Secretary General

    ================================================== ================

    S E C O N D
    W O R L D Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    C O N G R E S S o f July 10-15, 1994
    B I O M E C H A N I C S

    9th Meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics
    8th International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology


    Free communications in English are invited from anywhere in the
    world for presentation at the World Congress. The topic for such
    presentations should be in the field of Biomechanics and may be
    either in the area of the symposia or cover another aspect of
    the discipline such as for example:

    Acoustical and Auditory Biomechanics
    Biorheology, Hemorheology
    Blood and Gas Flow
    Bone and Cartilage Mechanics
    Dental Mechanics
    Models in Biomechanics
    Molecular Biomechanics
    Physical Therapy
    Rehabilitation Engineering
    Sensory Organs
    Skin Mechanics

    All free communications are subject to review by the Program
    Committee and will, after acceptance, be assigned to either
    poster or podium presentations. In this process the preference
    of the authors will be followed as much as possible.
    Great care will be taken to give posters optimum exposure to
    make them an effective means of communication. Special poster
    sessions are planned in the middle of the afternoons at times
    when there is no other congress activity competing for attention.
    Special awards will be given for the best poster presentation of
    each day. Submission of abstracts should be made on the abstract
    forms accompanying this call for papers. Additional abstract
    forms can be obtained from the Congress Office.
    Abstracts should be postmarked no later than November 15, 1993.
    Notification of acceptance of communications will be mailed
    February 15, 1994. Accepted abstracts will be published in the
    Abstract Book which will be distributed to participants of the


    The backbone of the congress will be formed by the symposia for
    which contributions are invited by the symposia coordinators.
    These symposia will provide an in depth treatment of the
    indicated subject area's by outstanding scientists. Many of the
    symposia are patronized by scientific organizations from all over
    the world.
    The symposia planned at present and their coordinators are
    indicated below:

    1. Cardiovascular Artificial Organs L. Mockros, H. Reul
    2. Orthopaedic Implant Design and Materials P.S. Walker, R. Huiskes
    3. Bone trauma and fracture fixation E. Chao, F. Burny
    4. Biomechanics of joints and ligaments K.L. Markolf, S.L.-Y. Woo
    5. Biomechanics of Sports B. Nigg, M.F. Bobbert
    6. Blood Flow and Large Vessel Mechanics T.J. Pedley, F. Kajiya
    7. Cardiac Mechanics and Function M. Sugawara, N. Westerhof
    8. Cell Mechanics V.C. Mow, R. Hochmuth
    9. Characterization and Measurement of Motion P. Cavanagh, A. Cappozzo
    10. Microcirculation P. Gaethgens, T.W. Secomb
    11. Skeletal Muscle Mechanics R. McNeill Alexander, F. Zajac
    12. Respiratory Mechanics W.J. Yang, R. Schroter
    13. Biomechanics and Rehabilitation R. Rabischong
    14. Transport in Connective Tissue S. Weinbaum, W.M. Lai
    15. Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials R. Nerem
    16. Motor Control R.M. Enoka, D. Kernell
    17. Coordination of Multi-joint Movement G.J. van Ingen Schenau,
    J. Denier van der Gon
    18. Bone Structure and Remodelling H. Weinans, A. Odgaard
    19. Biomaterials: Considerations for Implants Ch. Baquey, U.M. Gross


    Second World Congress of Biomechanics
    Biomechanics Section, Institute of Orthopaedics
    University of Nijmegen
    P.O. Box 9101
    The Netherlands

    Telephone +31-80-616959
    Telefax +31-80-540555
    EMAIL (internet)