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Position Announcement: Post Doctoral Fellowship in BiomimeticControl of Prosthetic Arm

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  • Position Announcement: Post Doctoral Fellowship in BiomimeticControl of Prosthetic Arm

    Post-doctoral fellowship

    Job description:

    At AMI-USC we design and manufacture tiny microstimulators known as BIONs to restore the lost movement to the paralyzed limbs. To fit BIONs to individual patients, we are also developing sophisticated fitting software that can customize the control of BIONs to individual patients. This effort involves developing sophisticated software for construction of limb models, physics-based simulation of limb motion, and virtual reality prototyping of the control of limb movement.

    To help with these challenging projects, we are seeking a motivated and creative individual to join our research team. The responsibilities will include the development of computer models for paralyzed and prosthetic limbs, development of biologically-inspired controllers to produce human-like movements in these limbs, testing of the designed controllers using physics-based computer simulations and patient-in-the-loop simulations in virtual reality, and deployment of the control systems in clinical environment.


    a.. Ph.D in Biomedical, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, Mechatronics, Robotics, or related disciplines.
    b.. Experience with development of biologically-inspired control systems for multi-link human limbs, prosthetic limbs, or robotic manipulators
    c.. Experience with kinematic/Dynamic modeling of musculoskeletal systems
    d.. Experience with model-based analysis of control systems in Matlab/Simulink
    e.. Experience with real-time programming and control
    f.. Ability to work independently
    g.. Excellent communication skills
    Please send your applications including your CV, a cover letter, and the list of three references to:

    Rahman Davoodi
    Research Assistant Professor
    A.E. Mann Institute and Department of Biomedical Engineering
    University of Southern California