The following public webcast will be presented on April 4, 2006:

Dr. Søren Tørholm Christensen presents the AnyBody Model Repository, which
we believe is the most comprehensive collection of musculoskeletal and
anthropometrical parameters available on the net. All the models are placed
in the public domain and therefore freely accessible. Parameters for the
models have been collected from the literature.

The models comprise:
- the extremities
- the shoulder
- the pelvic and abdominal regions
- the lumbar spine
- the mandible

Current efforts are on development of models of the foot and the thoracic
and cervical spine.

Much consideration has been invested into the organization and maintenance
of such a complex set of data, and Dr. Christensen will explain the solution
we have come up with.

We believe our methods are of particular interest in the light of the
current efforts to coordinate a human physiome project of which
musculoskeletal data will be an important part.

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