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    Are you a university student pursuing a degree in mechanical, biomechanical engineering or a relating subject and would you like to do you final graduation subject or traineehip in Holland?

    Holland: country of tulips, wooden shoes and Amsterdam. Of the famous painters Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Mondriaan. A country which people founded New York. A country of which an old French proverb sais: 'God created the whole world, except for Holland, because that was created by the Dutch'. A flat country of reclaimed land below sea level with old windmills and modern and famous civil engineering structures. The home country of Heineken's Beer....

    The Nijmegen Orthopaedic Research Laboratory is part of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center. Nijmegen is situated in the eastern part of the country, close to the German border. It is the oldest town of the Netherlands and used to be the most nothern city of the Roman empire. Nijmegen also played an important role in modern history. The bridge of the Waal river in Nijmegen was the largest one of the bridges which had to be conquered during the operation Market Garden in the Second World War.
    Nijmegen combines a flat river landscape, with reclaimed land and beautiful nature reserves, with a hilly landschape, with forests and heather. It combines nature with an enormous inland navigation on the river, and history with a stunning two-level shopping street.

    The Nijmegen Orthopaedic Research Laboratory is well known and has a good international reputation because of work on implants, bone and impaction bone grafting. There are different research possibities available at our lab: mathematical modelling, testing (also cadaver- and animal testing) and histology.
    We are famous about our finite element work concerning the hip and the knee, especially for the prediction of cement cracks and of the prediction of bone remodelling around hip implants. Currently, we are also working on the (further) development of a dynamic knee model and on the prediction of failure strength of bones.
    The impaction bone grafting (IBG) technique was originally developed at our institution by Sloof and it has maintained to be an important research subject of the lab ever since. Testing of implant stability with IBG, the use of bone substitutes, the ingrowth patterns during animal experiments (histology) are issues of much investigation.
    For testing or validation, we have the availability of non-clinical roentgenstereometry (RSA), MTS loading machines, a micro CT, a fluoroscope, an arthroscope and several rigs to measure knee kinematics. Furthermore, the lab has its own lathe and milling machine to machine parts for test setups.
    Scans (CT, MRI and DEXA), cadaver material and animal experiments can all be obtained within our own institution.

    What are we looking for? We are looking for eager students who would like to join our lab for their final graduation subject or for a traineeship. We are especially looking for university students who pursue a degree in mechanical or biomechanical engineering (masters and bachelors) and who would like to do a task in finite element modelling. However, we also offer more practical research subjects and/or combinations. Also, students with other, relating engineering studies are very welcome. Within the scopes and objectives of our running research projects, we can discuss what would fit best with you and what you would prefer most.
    We require that you should be able to communicate well in English, both oral and in writing. Unluckily, our lab is not able to pay an allowance during your graduation or traineehip. However, we can obtain a room for you in the Radboud hotel (for free), or you can receive some compensation for another accomodation. Our institution is part of the Erasmus exchange program.

    Got interested? Contact Nico Verdonschot. Tel +31 24 3617080, e-mail: , or visit the website:

    Hope to meet you in Holland!

    Nico Verdonschot
    Orthopaedic Research Lab
    Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
    P.O. Box 9101
    6500 HB Nijmegen
    The Netherlands
    tel. +31 24 3617080