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Measuring the Effects of Visual Manipulations

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  • Measuring the Effects of Visual Manipulations

    Dear all

    I am working on the kinematics of stair descent, and how these relate to vision. We are particularly interested in a measure related to the knee.

    We have so far been modelling the knee joint centre from a standard Davis gait protocol. Being psychologists, we are wondering if

    (A) It would be considered acceptable to take our measure simply from the Femoral Epicondyle marker (in fact the measure estimates the knee measure very well). This would be for the purposes of seeing how the measure changes under different visual manipulations (e.g. monocular vs. binocular vision).

    (B) If not this, would it be acceptable to consider the knee in isolation if we know already that it is the important joint, i.e. not make a full protocol and report joint angles etc for each subject?

    Since we are working with children this would ease our testing a lot! As a guide to our target audience, we would be aiming to publish this work in a journal such as Exp Brain Res.

    Any help greatfully accepted

    Many thanks

    Dorothy Cowie

    Visual Development Unit
    University of Oxford