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limb surface geometries

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  • limb surface geometries

    On behalf of a colleague looking for surface geometry data for human
    arms and/or legs.
    Please feel free to respond directly to Dan:


    --------Forwarded Message from Dan Judnick -------
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Dan Judnick and I am a grad student at MIT. I am building
    some computer models to simulate mechanical counterpressure (the use
    of tightly wrapped materials to create direct pressure on the skin)
    as an alternative spacesuit design to the current "bubble" suits.

    In order to accomplish this task, I need a data set that enumerates
    the locations of various points (the more, the better) on the skin of
    a human arm or leg. I would prefer to have data sets for multiple
    angles of knee extension to help simulate walking, but that is not an
    absolute requirement.

    I have identified the Visible Human Project as one potential source
    of data, but would like to consider other alternatives as well.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Dan Judnick

    Daniel C. Judnick
    SM Candidate Aero/Astro Department
    Man Vehicle Lab

    Mail Address:
    77 Massachusetts Ave. Room 37-219
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    Office: 617.258.5487
    Cell: 408.828.8756

    "It never gets easier, you just go faster."
    -- Greg LeMond

    Erika B. Wagner
    (w) 617.324.0529,
    Science Director, Mars Gravity Biosatellite
    MIT Man-Vehicle Lab