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Job Posting - Computational Modeler until June 26, 2006

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  • Job Posting - Computational Modeler until June 26, 2006

    Announcement is open for a few more days: closing on June 26, 2006.

    The U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) has an opening
    for a General Engineer position in the Injury Biomechanics Branch for a
    computational modeler. The engineer will model potentially injurious
    dynamic events involving humans and/or anthropomorphic testing devices
    (ATDs) using finite element and multi-body dynamic computational models.
    The position is requested to be filled at the GS-09 through GS-12
    levels, and U.S. citizenship is required.

    The engineer will modify, run, and analyze existing LS-DYNA and MADYMO
    models, which include human head and neck models and models of the whole
    body in sled and vehicle exposures. The engineer will apply knowledge of
    scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles to create new
    simulations and models using industry standard pre-processors,
    processors, and post-processors on a Linux PC cluster. The engineer will
    be required to write batch scripts and small programs. These programs
    will be used to manage files, perform parametric analyses, and
    post-process data. Existing knowledge of the Windows and Linux OS,
    interfaces, and basic networking will be required to use, maintain, and
    manage (with minimum training) a computational Beowulf cluster.

    About the Position: This position is located in the Injury Biomechanics
    Branch (IBB), Aircrew Protection Division, U. S. Army Aeromedical
    Research Laboratory at Fort Rucker, Alabama. The IBB is a
    multidisciplinary group that researches the capabilities, limits,
    characteristics, hazards, and injury mitigation potential of Soldier
    protective equipment. The IBB also develops test standards, evaluates
    equipment performance, and identifies health hazards considering various
    operational and environmental conditions. The incumbent will provide
    technical support to IBB by developing new and using existing finite
    element and rigid body computational models to evaluate human injury and
    protection provided by helmets, restraints, air bags, and other
    protective equipment. A Linux cluster is available for modeling. The
    incumbent will be expected to perform cluster maintenance (as needed),
    assess operational environments and equipment for model input, analyze
    data, and prepare draft reports and presentations.

    For more information about the job, including the application process,
    search for Vacancy Announcement Number: NEBB06164138D at

    Faculty, post-doc, graduate, and undergraduate opportunities are
    frequently available at USAARL ( through
    various educational programs.

    Carol Chancey, Ph.D.

    Research Biomedical Engineer

    Injury Biomechanics Branch

    U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Lab

    6901 Andrews Ave, P.O. Box 620577

    Ft Rucker, AL 36362-0577

    Phone: (334) 255-6952

    Fax: (334) 255-7798