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Modeling/Motion Analysis Software Survey

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  • Modeling/Motion Analysis Software Survey

    I am conducting a survey to find out what software packages are
    available for human motion analysis. I am interested in programs
    developed for most any computer platforms (from Macs/PCs to graphics
    workstations). Are these programs available commercially or are they
    public domain? I am most interested in dynamic simulation systems that
    integrate musculoskeletal models. I am also interested the more
    traditional motion analysis programs that will take data from an
    "instrumented" test patient and calculates reaction forces.

    I am aware of a new program developed for the Mac called Interactive
    Physics by Knowledge Revolution, a generic motion analysis package. A
    neuromusculoskeletal gait analysis program has been developed at
    Stanford for a Silicon Graphics machine. I want to find out what else
    is out there.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I am happy to share the results of my
    findings with you.

    Arthur Wong