Dear all,

We have recently purchased from National Instruments a PXI DAQ system
and a BNC2100 terminal block so we can simultaneously capture and
process EMG data obtained from a Delsys amplifier along with various
signals from an isokinetic dynamometer using Labview software. I am new
to the Labview environment, however I do have experience with other
graphical development environments (namely AMLab).

I wonder if anyone out there would have an example Labview .vi file that
samples and writes to disk EMG data obtained from a Delsys amplifier
that they wouldn't mind sharing with a novice Labview user?? I have
attempted to put a couple of .vi files together without much success. I
know what I want to do with the program, but the new software is causing
some confusion. An example .vi file would certainly clear things up for

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Of course, I
would be more that happy to share with you any .vi files that I develop
in the future.

Kind regards,
Jack Cannon

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