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Postdoctoral opportunity (ENSAM-CNRS, Paris)

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  • Postdoctoral opportunity (ENSAM-CNRS, Paris)


    Available immediately

    The ENSAM Biomechanics laboratory opens a post doctoral position for a
    research project related to “biomechanical modelling of human motion:
    Relationship abnormalities in skeletal geometry vs gait and posture troubles”

    Context: The ensam biomechanics laboratory is specialized in
    muskuloskeletal biomechanics, including both patient specific mechanical
    modelling of joints and muscles, and motion analysis (Vicon system). The
    lab is also strongly involved in 3D reconstruction of the skeleton, which
    is now used routinely in clinical research thanks to the EOS low dose
    biplanar XRays system. Preliminary research has been performed to combine
    information related to bone geometry and that issued from gait analysis.

    Project: The post doc position is related to musculoskeletal modelling of
    the human body using inverse dynamic approach and patient specific muscle
    In a first step, relationship abnormalities in skeletal geometry vs gait
    and posture troubles will be investigated, then an attempt for improvements
    in mechanical modelling will be considered by taking into account motor
    control, muscle specificities and stability concerns.
    The post-doctoral fellow will be integrated in a multidisciplinary team of
    about 10 researchers involved in posture and motion analysis, including PhD
    students, researchers in biomechanical engineering and clinicians,
    particularly orthopaedic surgeons and a neurosurgeon.

    Wafa Skalli, Professor
    Directrice du Laboratoire de Biomécanique
    ENSAM - CNRS UMR 8005

    151 Bd de l'hopital, 75013 Paris
    Tel: 331 44 24 63 68 Fax: 331 44 24 63 66