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Foot Force or Pressure Sensors

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  • Foot Force or Pressure Sensors

    We are interested in buying (preferably) or building a low cost pressure or force sensor to put on the bottom of a shoe (or inside the shoe) to record the magnitude of weight bearing that patients exhibit during walking on a treadmill or overground. We want to use the output to drive a perturbation device and also to record the response to the perturbations. Ideally we would like to measure from 2-3 different areas of the foot.

    We have investigated the inshoe systems such as those provided by Tekscan or Novel but we need access to the analog data in real time so that we can use it for closed loop feedback. If anyone knows of (1) currently available devices, (2) anyone who can build one for us or (3) has any experience with building such a device and can acvise us I would appreciate your feedback!

    Thank you for your help!
    Katherine Rudolph, PhD, PT
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Physical Therapy
    University of Delaware
    301 McKinly Lab
    Newark, DE 19716
    (302) 831-4235