New Award to Stimulate Cutting-Edge Biomimetics Research

A new £5,000 award will develop the career of an outstanding
biomimetics expert by allowing them to further develop their career and

Biomimetics - the discipline of looking to nature for inspiration for
new technologies and designs – is rapidly yielding new, commercially
successful, technologies. Self-cleaning paint, novel adhesives, robots,
medical devices, pharmaceuticals and self-healing materials have all
recently been launched and are being rapidly taken up by consumers.

The first BIONIS Biomimetics Award, sponsored by venture philanthropic
organisation Swedish Biomimetics 3000®, will enable an outstanding
person to undertake technical visits to experience, at first hand,
cutting edge biomimetics around the world and to develop their career
in biomimetics while contributing to the development of new
technologies inspired by nature.

Applications for the award are being accepted from today. It is being
sponsored by Swedish Biomimetics 3000® and is being organised by BIONIS
- Biomimetics Network for Industrial Sustainability.

A BIONIS spokesman said “This prize will raise the awareness of
Biomimetics and will help to establish it as one of the key enabling
disciplines for the technologies of the future”.

Lars-Uno Larsson, founder and CEO of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® said:
“We are very pleased to sponsor this pivotal BIONIS Biomimetic Award in
an exciting and rapidly evolving global scientific and market place.”

The award winner will undertake their visits during summer 2007 and
present an invited lecture on their work at the prestigious Bath Royal
Scientific and Literary Institution on Thursday 20th September, 2007.
The winner will experience other research and development environments
and strengthen links between their own organisation and others around
the world. Hosts will benefit from the participation of a leading
researcher in their organisation.

Notes for editors

The BIONIS network was set up in spring 2002 by Prof. George
Jeronimidis, Prof. Julian Vincent and Phil Sheppard. Membership is now
over 250, with members from academia and industry in more than 40
countries. The mission of the network is to promote the application of
Biomimetics in products and services and its use in education and
training. It is currently supported by Swedish Biomimetics 3000® and
hosted by the University of Reading.

Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB is a VPO focussed on Biomimetics. Its
mission is to fund translational research of Biomimetic concepts to the
point where they are considered commercial candidates.

Further details may be found at or obtained by
email from