Check out the nice articles by McClay and Manal with
quantitative comparison of 2D and 3D analysis of knee
and ankle. Exactly what you asked about.

McClay, I; Manal, K Three-dimensional kinetic analysis of running:
significance of secondary planes of motion, MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS
AND EXERCISE, 31: 1629-1637, 1999

McClay, I; Manal, K The influence of foot abduction on differences between
two-dimensional and three-dimensional rearfoot motion, FOOT & ANKLE
INTERNATIONAL, 19: 26-31, 1998

Bill Rose

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> Subject: [BIOMCH-L] Effect of frontal and transeverse plane crosstalk on
> Sagittal plane kinematic and kinetic data
>> Greetings Mailbasers,
>> Was wondering whether anyone has some ideas on what effect
>> frontal/transverse plane crosstalk can have on Sagittal plane kinematic
>> and
>> kinetic data. e.g. the effect of knee abduction and adduction on ankle
>> dorsiflexion and plantarflexion.
>> Much appreciated,
>> Bharti Rajput
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