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C3D files and Vicon 140 software.

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  • C3D files and Vicon 140 software.

    I recently had to get a Vicon 140 3D data collection system running for a lab that had been closed for several years and spent a weekend trying to get it to produce 3D data files in the C3D format. The documentation provided with the 140 system (software version 1.00) suggested that all data is saved in the C3D format, but by default it actually saves the data in a .CSV format (ASCII comma separated values). The "Save As..." menu in the 140 Datastation software only supports .CSV and .EXP formats - the .EXP format does not seem to be mentioned in the documentation and generates an error when any attempt is made to save data in a .EXP file.

    Eventually I managed to get the 140 system to produce .C3D files by selecting "Save As..." and manually editing the file type from .EXP to .C3D in the dialog box which produced (to my surprise) a good .C3D file with 3D marker and clean analog EMG data.

    Does anyone know if there is a later version of the 140 Datastation software (they have 1.00) that works in a more logical manner, or is there an easier way to do this?

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