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New Journal [JBSE] Journal of Biomechanical Science andEngineering

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  • New Journal [JBSE] Journal of Biomechanical Science andEngineering

    Dear BIOMCH-L subscribers,

    - Journal of Biomechanical Engineering and Science -
    New Journal:

    We are honored to announce the inauguration of a new electronic journal,
    Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering (JBSE). We keenly hope
    that this Journal is to become substantially an international journal, by
    gathering internationally excellent peer-reviewers, and welcoming guest
    editors on the worldwide basis.

    We encourage all the researchers in the field of bioengineering from all
    of the world, to submit their excellent articles to the Journal of
    Biomechanical Science and Engineering.

    We hope that all of you utilize the Journal as a stage of active
    discussions and scientific progress in the field of bioengineering.

    Submission Information:

    Takashi USHIDA, PhD, Professor
    Division of Biomedical Materials and
    Systems, Center for Disease Biology and
    Integrative Medicine, School of Medicine,
    The University of Tokyo

    Chief Editor
    Taiji ADACHI, PhD, Assoc. Professor
    Department of Mechanical Engineering and
    Science, Graduate School of Engineering,
    Kyoto University