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Biomechanics Educational Videos: Summary

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  • Biomechanics Educational Videos: Summary

    Hello everybody

    Couple of weeks ago, I had posted a request on the
    sources of educational videos on Biomechanics. I have
    got a few responses. Below are responses. I thank
    everybody who responded.


    Naveen Chandrashekar

    Naveen Chandrashekar, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Mechanical Engineering Department
    University of Waterloo
    Waterloo, Ontario N2L3G1
    Ph:519-888-4567 Ext 38048
    Fax: 519-885-5862

    1) From my self experience, there are some good videos
    available at the ‘Video Journal of Orthopaedics’
    website (

    Other responses

    2) Kentucky Sports Medicine has educational videos
    about sports injuries,
    see I have found them
    very useful.

    Ton van den Bogert

    P.S. Please consider posting a summary to Biomch-L. A
    list of
    educational resources would be very good to have in
    the Biomch-L
    archives. This is a request from me as moderator of

    A.J. (Ton) van den Bogert, PhD
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation

    3) I suggest you try following companies as they
    distribute our video material in USA and Canada.

    * Films for the Humanities and Science
    2572 Brunswick Pike
    NJ 08648

    * Insight Media
    2162 Broadway
    New York 10024

    Sally Popplewell
    Sales Supervisor
    University of Leeds
    Leads LS2 9JT


    4) Leeds University (UK)

    Video Programme Sales

    We have a substantial library of recorded material.
    The prices quoted
    are for sales to other institutions so, if you find
    material there
    you would like to use, it is generally available at
    the basic copying

    Please click here to access the Video Library

    Adrian Smith
    Leeds University Library


    5) Naveen,

    You might be able to derive some benefit from the
    recorded webcasts
    available at AnyBody Technology's homepage, Please notice
    that you have to
    register on the page to download the webcasts. They
    are free, however.

    You can also download several videos with
    biomechanical simulations
    from the
    examples section:

    Best regards,

    John Rasmussen,
    Associate Prof., PhD, The AnyBody Group, Dept. of
    Mech. Eng.
    Aalborg University,
    Mobile: +45 2089 8350. Phone: +45 9635 9307


    6) I contacted DePuy and they graciously sent me 5
    joint replacement
    videos -
    the ones they use for training surgeons (and sales I
    guess). I don't
    have a
    contact person for you to contact though, it was a few
    years ago.

    Kristen L. Billiar, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Office: SL336
    100 Institute Road
    Worcester, MA 01609
    Office: 508-831-5384
    Fax: 508-831-5541 (lab web page)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________
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