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First announcement International Seminar on Total HipJointReplacement - Leuven June 22nd-23th 2007

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  • First announcement International Seminar on Total HipJointReplacement - Leuven June 22nd-23th 2007

    Dear subscribers

    We would like to circulate the first announcement of an international
    seminar titled "Prediction and evaluation of THR performance:can we
    plan success?", organised in Leuven (Belgium), June 22nd-23th, 2007.

    As closure of an interdisciplinary research project, funded by the
    research council of K.U. Leuven, we take the opportunity to present
    our research findings. These will be confronted with the current state
    of the art on performance of Total Hip Replacement (THR) presented by
    an invited faculty of keynote lecturers.

    This seminar is aimed at researchers active in the field of THR, as
    well as a multi-disciplinary audience of orthopaedic surgeons,
    engineers and physical therapists involved in the treatment of
    patients after THR and related procedures.


    Friday, June 22nd, 2007

    9.00 - 12.00: Evaluation of THR Performance
    Pre-operative screening to predict post-operative fixation and ingrowth
    Follow-up of implant ingrowth and stability after THR

    14.00 - 17.00 Evaluation and prediction of THR performance
    Stability measures for THR - Use of individualized musculoskeletal
    modelling to quantify hip implant loading

    Saturday, June 23th, 2007

    9.00-11.00: Planning of THR performance
    Can pre-operative parameters predict post-operative THR fixation and ingrowth?

    11.00-12.00: Panel discussion

    During the seminar, three commented poster sessions will be organised.
    Authors will be invited to submit abstracts on related research

    Feel free to circulate this announcement to your colleagues

    More details will soon be posted on
    For direct enquiries mail to

    Siegfried Jaecques
    dr. ir. Siegfried V.N. Jaecques
    K.U. Leuven
    Division Biomechanics and Engineering Design (BMGO)
    Celestijnenlaan 300C
    B-3001 Leuven
    tel. +32-16-327067 (direct) +32-16-327096 (secretary)
    fax. +32-16-327994