Thanks to all those who offered to take part in the electrogoniometer user

The survey is live until 20th December at:-


Participants who reponded to the Biomch-L posting, were :-
29/11/06 Sandra Martelli Mrs

_s.martelli@biomec.ior.it_ ( 29/11/06 Su
Stewart Dr ( 29/11/06 Phillip Rowe
Professor PhD Professor
( 29/11/06 Danny M Russell Mr PhD Associate Professor of Kinesiology
_dmr18@psu.edu_ ( 29/11/06 Serap Acar Mr PT, Msc PhD
Student _serapftr@yahoo.com_ ( 29/11/06 Brandi Row Mrs
PhD Assistant Professor _brandi.row@www.edu_ (
29/11/06 At Hof Mr

_A.L.Hof@med.umcg.nl_ ( 29/11/06 Christopher
Mina Mr
5th Year Undergraduate in Bioengineering _christopher,mina@gmail.com_
( 29/11/06 Joseph Ka-Chun Sui Mr PT, PhD Research Scientist
of the HPER Biomechanics Laboratory, Director, Robot Assistive Surgery Project
_ksui@mail.unomaha.edu_ ( 29/11/06 Danny Too
Mr PhD Associate Professor Biomechanics _dtoo@brockport.edu_
( 29/11/06 Sandra McKay Dr PhD Postdoctorial Research Fellow
_samdra.mckay@sri.utoronto.ca_ ( 29/11/06 Bruce
A Kay Professor
Professor _bruce.kay@uconn.edu_ ( 29/11/06 Ray
White Mr
Senior Lecturer (Biomechanics)
( 29/11/06 Shaw Bronner
PT,PhD,OCS Director _sbronner@liu.edu_ ( 29/11/06
Victor Sholukha Prof, Dr
Professor ( 29/11/06
Marietta Van Der Linden
PhD Research Fellow in Physiotherapy
18/12/06 Pagamas Piriyaprasarth Mr PhD student School of

We will publish a summary of findings from the survey early in 2007

Thanks to all those who responded, and we hope taht a few more of you will
be able to join in before the survey closes.

Don't forget that we are holding a draw for a bottle of champagne for those
who respond to the survey by the 20th - the winner will be notified by email,
and the details announced in the next posting on Biomch-L.


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