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Graduate Assistantships Available

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  • Graduate Assistantships Available

    The Ball State University Biomechanics program
    ( has graduate assistantships available
    for a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science (specialization in
    Biomechanics) starting in the Fall 2007. The Biomechanics program is
    designed to be completed within two years, and consists of coursework in
    biomechanics, physiology, computer programming, research methods &
    design. In addition to coursework, students will have the opportunity to
    be involved in a variety of on-going research projects within the
    Biomechanics Laboratory. This research experience will provide the
    framework for their culminating thesis project.

    Admissions Criteria:

    The primary considerations for admission include: 1) academic
    background; with an emphasis on basic science and mathematics course
    work 2) quantitative and verbal GRE scores, and 3) research interest of
    the student.

    Overview of Research Program:

    The research objective of the Biomechanics Laboratory is to further our
    understanding of mechanical and neuromuscular characteristics of human
    movement. In order to accomplish this we have established a broad
    research agenda through interdisciplinary collaborations within the
    university and with the local medical community. Current research in the
    lab is focused on:

    * The injury mechanisms and possible preventative strategies
    * The effectiveness of clinical intervention strategies
    * The effects of fatigue, structural limitations, and load
    carriage on various aspects of human motion and performance
    * The influence of both short-term and long-term exercise
    protocols on various biomechanical aspects of human health and

    Laboratory Facilities:

    The Biomechanics Laboratory is well equipped for the study of human
    movement. The laboratory has a 10 camera Vicon MX motion capture system,
    Peak Motus motion capture system, 2 AMTI force plates, 2 Kistler force
    plates, Delsys Myomonitor III EMG system, and a Delsys 16 channel
    Bagnoli EMG system. In addition to theses primary measurement systems,
    the laboratory has a variety of foot switches, accelerometers, load
    cells, and linear position transducers.


    Graduate assistants (GA) are expected to contribute to the work and
    research of the Biomechanics Laboratory. During this process, GA's will
    have the opportunity to work in both rehabilitation and sport
    performance settings through our partnership with Midwest Health
    Strategies (,
    as well as teach undergraduate kinesiology laboratories.


    Please send a letter of interest, one copy of official transcripts,
    curriculum vitae or resume, and three letters of recommendation to:

    Dr. Eric L. Dugan

    School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science

    Biomechanics Laboratory

    Ball State University

    Muncie, IN 47306.

    If you have any questions regarding the position or application
    procedures, please contact:

    Eric L. Dugan, Ph.D.

    Director, Biomechanics Laboratory

    School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science

    Ball State University

    Muncie, IN 47306

    Phone: 765-285-5139

    Fax: 765-285-8596