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  • Summary of the topic: 3D Body Scanner

    Thanking for all replies , I am sending Summary of the topic: 3D Body
    The question was :
    I am looking for supplier of 3D Body Scanner , the best from Europe. I
    would be grateful for opinion about that from users.
    ================================================== =============
    Reply from
    Masaaki MOCHIMARU, Ph.D.
    Digital Human Research Center, National Institute of
    Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
    2-41-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064 JAPAN
    TEL: +81-3-3599-8194 / FAX: +81-3-5530-2066

    OGX|OPTOGRAPHX (Poland) ->

    Cyberware (US)

    VITRONIC (Germany)

    HAMAMATSU (Japan)
    My current interest is related in human body shapes, so I
    know these scanning systems well.

    We're involved in the international data exchange project of
    3-D body shape, WEAR. So we know the latest information of
    international body scanning systems.

    Generally speaking, the following points are important to
    select the scanning system:

    1. Accuracy, Of course, accurate system is better.
    2. Price,
    3. Speed
    Scanning duration is important factor. With long scanning
    duration, subject human maybe sway. In my experiences,
    whole body scanning should be completed within 10
    4. Hidden area
    Several body regions cannot be measured because of
    occlusion, especially under the pit, under the crotch.
    Hidden regions are able to reduced with the alignment of
    scanning heads.
    5. Software
    Software is very important.
    After scanning, four data processes are required.
    (1) Noise reduction
    (2) Alignment (of multi camera data)
    (3) Merge
    (4) Landmark picking and labeling
    (5) Calculation of body dimensions from 3-D shape data
    I understand that the most of commercial systems contain
    the software of (1),(2) and (3). These are fundamental
    functions. Whereas, only a few systems have an automatic
    landmarking software. If you plan to measure many
    subjects, it is a sever problem.

    > Cyberware (US)

    The national sizing survey in US (CAESAR project) and Korea
    (size-KOREA) used this system. This system is very expensive
    (most expensive among three options), but the software is
    very smart. The system contains the software (1)-(5).

    > VITRONIC (Germany)

    The national sizing survey in the Netherlands (by TNO) and
    Spain (by IBV) used this system. The measurement method is
    very similar to Cyberware. The company, VITRONIC is
    collaborating with the digital human modeling company, Human
    Solutions GmbH. I understand that their collaboration is
    very nice. The system contains the software (1)-(5).

    > HAMAMATSU (Japan)
    > pd369&lang=en&ext=html

    We use this system. I think it is inexpensive.
    We're collaboration with the company, HAMAMATSU.
    This system contains the software (1)-(5), and it also have
    the software of homologous modeling.

    I can inform you alternative scanners:

    [TC]2 (US)

    3dMD (US)

    Inspeck (Canada)

    Symcad Telmat system (France)
    Best regards,

    ================================================== ====
    from Florian Fritzsche,
    we have got a 3D full body scanner from Vitronic ("Vitus Smart").

    These scanners and software are distributed by the company human
    solutions GmbH
    Hope this helps.,Kind regards,
    Florian Fritzsche

    I can give you some opinions of my use of the scanner and software
    "ScanWorks". The scan time is quite fast less than 10s for a person. The
    scan volume is quite big to fit in a person. That means the resolution
    is not so good as if the volume would be smaller. The info sheets tell a
    resolution of 2-3mm I guess, but from my experience it is in some cases
    also more. Once I had small markers on a person and not all could be
    seen on the computer screen (size of the markers 10mm diameter).
    Horizontal surfaces are not well displayed as they have the same
    orientation as the horizontal laser layer. The hair on the Head are not
    well displayed as well, because the laser light is not well reflected.
    But I guess that is with every laser scanner. I have only experience
    with our body scanner.

    The software is quite good. You have a lot of possibilities to display
    the scan (purify from artefacts of the light that comes from outside,
    smooth, different triangulation of the mesh, anthropometric measurements
    with the cursor (length, circumference, diameters)). You also have the
    possibility to create close surfaces of parts of the body out of the
    mesh. The scan consists of many points in the space that resembles a
    surface. You have a lot of export formats.

    Concerning the price, we had an old and used one that we got and it is
    almost ten years old, I think. So I can't tell you the price.
    Hope I could help you a bit.

    Karen Davis
    [TC]* - Turning Research Into Reality
    voice: 919.380.2177
    fax: 919.380.2181

    Thank you for your interest in our 3D body scanning system.
    Our NX-12 body scanner is USD $40,000 FOB Cary, NC. This price
    includes the full scanner, computers, flat panel monitor, and a software
    license (measurement extraction software). Installation and training is
    an additional charge. These additional items, including special
    packaging for international shipments, actual shipping and customs fees,
    and our technician's time and travel expense to install the scanner and
    train your staff would be an additional USD $20,000. We do have an
    agent in the UK who handles some of our installations and service

    Terms are 50% down and balance at installation and includes a one year
    warranty. Extended maintenance contracts are available, including a
    $1,000 annual fee for software upgrades and technical support. Delivery
    is approximately 10 weeks after receipt of deposit.

    I have attached some general information. The data density from this
    scanner is about 600,000-800,000 points for a body and is scanned from
    12 fixed heads at 4 angles around the body and at 3 heights. The
    footprint of the model I am quoting you is 5X10 feet and will fit within
    an 8 foot ceiling. The "enclosure" for this model is a fabric walled
    aluminum frame room. A wood paneled enclosure as depicted is $5,000

    Cem Lega
    Dr.-Ing. Stein
    Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH
    Hasengartenstraße 14
    D-65189 Wiesbaden, Fon +49 (0) 611-7152-0, Fax +49 (0)

    Thank you for your interest in Vitronic 3-D scanning technology. Our
    smart LC body scanner was developed especially for the needs of the
    industry and made-to-measure applications.
    For clothing and made-to-measure applications, our exclusive sales and
    distribution partner is Human Solutions. As an integrated solution
    Human Solutions develops innovative solutions for the clothing industry
    have been marketing solutions with our scanner since 1999

    Human Solutions has extensive experience in solutions for customized
    clothing or size determination. With more than 100 installations,
    Solutions is a worldwide leader in this market. Their solutions are
    on our body scanners for measurement of the customers.
    The contact address is:
    Human Solutions GmbH
    Miss Liselotte Weimer
    Europaallee 10
    67657 Kaiserslautern
    phone : ++49 631 303 5600, fax : ++49 631 303 5700
    eMail :
    web :

    For more information on VITUS, please
    visit our web site
    Markus Maurer, - product manager -
    Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH, Markus Maurer
    Hasengartenstr. 14,
    D-65189 Wiesbaden
    Tel.: ++49 611 7152 156, Fax.: ++49 611 7152 133

    With regards
    El¿bieta Maklewska

    El¿bieta MAKLEWSKA
    Research Assistant
    Institute of Knitting Technology and Techniques TRICOTEXTIL
    Piotrkowska 270
    90-361, £ód¼

    Clothing Research Department
    tel. 04842 683-58-23
    Wiadomosc filtrowana