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  • Journal publication times

    Dear All,

    It's been my experience that some journals turn around submitted manuscripts
    very quickly, while others take much longer. Also, once accepted for
    publication, some journals take an inordinately long time for manuscripts to
    appear in a journal issue. I know articles are often available online before
    publication in a journal issue, but they do not have issue and page numbers
    at this stage, so do not "count" as published in pre-tenure reviews, at
    least at my place.

    I'd be interested to hear review and publication times for biomechanics,
    clinical or other journals that colleagues have published in recently. I
    will post a summary of the replies.

    Much appreciated,

    Clare Milner


    Clare E Milner PhD

    Assistant Professor, Biomechanics

    Dept of Exercise, Sport, & Leisure Studies

    University of Tennessee

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    Fax: 865-974-8981

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