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ISB Tutorials July 1, 2007


Together with the local organizing committee in Taipei, Taiwan, the International

Society of Biomechanics (ISB) is organizing the following tutorials on the

opening day of XXI Congress in Taipei on Sunday July 1:

Muscle mechanics: (10:10-12:00) Professor Haruo Sugi

Teikyo University, Japan

Animal locomotion: (10:10-12:00) Dr. Alan Wilson

The Royal Veterinary College of The University of London, UK

Human locomotion: (13:10-15:00) Professor Alberto Minetti,
University Of Milan, Institute of Human Physiology

Foot and ankle joint biomechanics: (13:10-15:00) Professor Sorin Siegler

Drexel University, USA

Everyone is welcome to attend!


Tutorial lectures require a separate registration fee

NT$ 850 for ISB/TSB/TSBS member or Non-member student

NT$1,700 for Non-member

Free for ISB/TSB/TSBS student member

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Alex Stacoff, Tutorial organizer


Dr. A. Stacoff

ETH Zurich

Institute for Biomechanics

Department of Mechanical and Process


Hönggerberg HCI E 365.1

8093 Zürich

Tel. ++41-(0)44 633 62 18

Fax ++41-(0)44 633 11 24