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video capture - frame rate not consistent

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  • video capture - frame rate not consistent

    Dear Colleagues,

    I have been using Point Grey Dragonfly VGA IEEE 1394 (FireWire) camera to
    capture video. The problem I have is that the frame rate is not consistent.
    For example, if I set the frame rate at 7.5fps, the actual frame rate always
    varies from 5fps to 10fps, sometimes even goes up to 80fps. I have tried to
    use different resolutions and tried to disable unnecessary programs.
    However, no matter what I did, the frame rate kept changing. Does anybody
    have similar problem? Any solution can be suggested?

    A summary of responses will be posted. Thanks in advance.


    Yue Li, PhD
    iDAPT Technology R&D Team
    Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Centre