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conference on Perceptual Consequences of Motor Action

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  • conference on Perceptual Consequences of Motor Action

    ESF-EMBO Symposium on

    Three Dimensional Sensory and Motor Space: Perceptual Consequences of Motor Action

    6-11 October 2007 Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
    CHAIR: Jeroen Smeets, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL
    VICE-CHAIR: Frank Bremmer, University Marburg, DE

    There is a long tradition of studying perception independent of motor control. The main
    interaction that has received much attention is the transformation from sensory information to
    motor output. However, there are some remarkable recent findings in the last decade that suggest
    that voluntary movement plays a key role in visual perception. Examples are the role of cortical
    motor areas in perception (mirror neurones), target mislocalisation associated with saccades, and
    the effect of prism adaptation on hemispatial neglect. Voluntary movements play also an
    important role in other modalities, such as haptics. The aim of this conference is to bring together
    experienced and young researchers from various disciplines (psychology, biology, neuroscience,
    physics) that are interested in the perceptual consequences of motor action.

    Invited speakers will include:

    Frank Bremmer
    Eli Brenner
    Carol Colby
    Laila Craighero
    Mary Hayhoe
    Denise Henriques
    Roland Johansson
    Dirk Kerzel
    Elisabetta Lądavas
    Michael Land
    Markus Lappe
    Susan Lederman
    Pieter Medendorp
    Chris Miall
    Tirin Moore
    Miguel Nicolelis
    Kevin O’Regan
    Yves Rossetti
    Angela Sirigu
    Jeroen Smeets
    John Wann
    Barbara Webb

    More information (preliminary programme, application form, student grants) can be found at