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Research Associate Positions available July 2007

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  • Research Associate Positions available July 2007

    Research Associate Positions available July 1, 2007
    Mechanics and Energetics of walking and running in birds

    I am seeking two Research Associates to work on a U.S. National
    Science Foundation Sponsored project on allometry of muscle energy
    use and biomechanics during legged locomotion in birds. The project
    has two sites, my laboratory at Northeastern University in Boston and
    the California Sate Polytechnic University in Pomona California (Cal
    Poly Pomona). The project involves measuring metabolic rates of birds
    on treadmills, microsphere measures of blood flow to the muscles, emg
    recording, and biomechanical measurements, including force-plate
    studies and inverse dynamics calculations. Funding is available
    through February of 2009, with the possibility of continuing beyond
    that date if renewal funding is obtained. One position is at the post-
    doctoral level and is mainly based at Northeastern University with
    some time to be spent at Cal Poly Pomona. The other position is
    mainly based at Cal Poly Pomona, with the possibility of some time
    being spent in Boston. The appointment at Cal Poly will be at the
    post-doctoral level, or at the adjunct assistant professor level for
    exceptionally well-qualified individuals with previous post-doctoral
    experience. The work at Cal Poly involves large ratites (likely emus
    and possibly some work on ostriches) and candidate must be
    comfortable working with these large birds.
    Contact: Richard L. Marsh,