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    Dear All,

    after finding out about Kevin and going through the initial disbelief that I
    will never see again the person that I started catching up with last summer in
    Germany following several years of going our separate ways, I too would
    like to
    share some thoughts about Kevin.

    I met him at Ohio State. As he was finishing with his PhD I was starting my
    graduate studies in the same department/program and had the opportunity to
    become acquainted with him during his post doc years, although we worked in
    different laboratories. During his time in the Biodynamics lab at OSU
    he was a
    major driving force there. He was a man of great scientific integrity,
    fair and
    who was never afraid to stand up for and support what he believed to be right
    (scientifically, perhaps that was the source of some of the strenuous academic
    discussions he had with some of us). A man devoted to his family and his work
    with morals founded on his religious beliefs.

    Although we had numerous interactions at OSU, the one most vivid memory that
    keeps coming to my mind since I found out about his passing, is at the time
    that he started his post doc. With a family already in place, and the
    respective finances of a recent graduate, he bought a brand new SUV. When we
    chatted about it, he looked at me and said: "Tasos, life is too short ...".

    Although this community and the world lost a great young scientist and human
    being, I am sure his work will be continued by the graduate students he
    mentored, and, thus, we will all be reminded of his contributions in the years
    to come.

    Tasos Karakostas.

    On Tue 17 Apr 2007 06:22:17 PM EDT, Dwight Meglan you wrote:

    > Dear All,
    > I was notified by the NIH Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Sciences
    > study section scientific review administrator about this earlier
    > today. Kevin and I were on the section together.
    > Kevin and I belonged to the same engineering fraternity at Ohio State
    > as well as sharing a major at one point. We had many strenuous
    > academic discussions in those years and when we crossed paths at MRS
    > it was like we picked up where we left off more than 15 years before.
    > I wish I had some soulful, summative statement that provides solace,
    > but I do not. I am glad in my own selfish way that my last
    > interaction with him was the same fond memory from years before.
    > --dwight
    >> Dear Biomch-L subscribers,
    >> Kevin Granata was among the victims of yesterday's shooting at Virginia Tech
    >> University. I did not know Kevin personally so hopefully others will submit
    >> postings.
    >> Kevin was co-organizer of last year's ASB meeting, when many of you visited
    >> Virginia Tech. His work in biomechanics was exceptionally innovative but
    >> sadly we will never see his full impact. Our thoughts are with his wife and
    >> children.
    >> --
    >> Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator
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    Tasos Karakostas, MPT, PhD
    Rehabilitation Sciences