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In memory of Professor Kevin Granata

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  • In memory of Professor Kevin Granata

    Kevin was one of greatest professor loved by all Hokies in VT.

    I was in his biodynamics class in spring, 2005. His intelligence and vision
    simply impressed all his students.

    He is a very active person, and he will answer your questions beautifully at any
    time during the class and after class.

    He is full of ambition, which is a key for doing research. Sometimes, his
    ambition is even much more than most of young graduate students.

    Virginia tech ESM department also deeply mourn for loss of an excellent rising

    Just several days ago, I prepared to invite him to be my Ph.D committee member,
    unfortunately at this point, it is impossible.

    Yesterday night I went to the candlelight vigil with the written board:

    “In deep memory of Professor Kevin Granata, ESM, VT”

    I will try my best to apply the knowledge learnt from him to Biomechanics
    research areas.

    Hongbo Zhang, Ph.D student

    Human Factors, Industry and systems engineering, VT

    Quoting "Sparto, Patrick" :

    > Dear all
    > I had the pleasure of sharing 3 years of my graduate studies
    > with Kevin at Bill Marras' Biodynamics lab at OSU. Kevin was one of the
    > senior members of the lab when I started. I am fond of those days
    > because the lab was a very nurturing environment, between the
    > outstanding faculty mentors and all of the graduate students who were
    > part of the lab. My first memory of Kevin was seeing him sitting in the
    > corner workstation in the computer lab, working away on developing the
    > Visual C++ code for the EMG-driven low back model. I shouldn't say just
    > the first memory - it was many memories, because Kevin was always the
    > first one there in the morning - and I don't know if he ever got up from
    > that workstation during the day. Even then, Kevin was the consumate
    > professional and that work ethic, intellect, and motivation has
    > permeated his work.
    > My last memories of Kevin occurred during the ASB meeting in
    > Blacksburg last fall. Kevin was a gracious host who spent time with
    > everyone despite his many responsibilities. Many of us toured the labs
    > of Kevin and his colleagues in the very same building where the
    > shootings occurred, which makes it even more difficult to comprehend.
    > Kevin always displayed a true excitement when he was talking about his
    > research, and it was no different then. His excitement and joy about his
    > research was matched only by his pride and excitement while he was
    > talking about his family. You could tell that Kevin loved his family.
    > Kevin will be greatly missed.
    > Patrick Sparto
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