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  • Dr Kevin Granata

    I first learned of Dr Granata after he had arrived at the University of Virginia. I kept hearing about a very talented engineer at the gait analysis laboratory there. I think the first time I heard him speak was during a tutorial he gave at a GCMAS annual conference. I then understood why people spoke so highly of him. He was clearly very knowledgeable in biomechanics, but he was also a gifted teacher and an engaging speaker. It was certainly my pleasure to see him periodically at conferences and NIH study sections. Our meetings were brief and infrequent, yet when I try to explain to others that he lost his life last Monday, I keep wanting to say that I lost not just a colleague, but a good friend. This perhaps speaks more loudly than his professional accomplishments. Kevin made so many of us feel like his friend, simply by his nature. And this outpouring of sentiment from his colleagues will tell his wife what she already must know, and it will help his children understand, just what a wonderful man we were so blessed to have had among us.

    Frank L Buczek Jr, PhD
    Branch Chief, HELD/ECTB
    National Institute for Occupational
    Safety and Health (NIOSH)
    1095 Willowdale Road MS 2027
    Morgantown, WV 26505
    304-285-5966 voice, 304-285-6265 fax